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Super-charge your account balance by joining Rulersclub today! Just register and make a donation and the system will automatically pair you with two participant that will pay you.

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With Rulersclub, you are on winning team. Get double of your donation


To be the most loved and successful P2P donation platform constantly putting smiles on the faces of our community members.


To continuously provide the platform and technical support with exceptional priority on helping you achieve financial freedom.

How it works

All donations are made directly to member bank account.

  • After you have successfully signed up, it is required of you to activate and invest the sum of either N10,000 N20,000 N50,000 N100,000 to a member assigned by the system
  • The member will then confirm your investment making you eligible to receive double of your investment from new investors. You get times 2 of which ever investment package you chose to activate.
  • It is paramount to note that your return on donation will be on before 3 days, we ask that you exercise patient. While you wait `
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Our Packages

Igneous package

Your Invest


You get dividend of


Metamorphic package

Your invest


You get dividend


Sedimentary package

You invest


You get dividend


Diamond package

You invest


You get dividend



Simple Questions


About Rulersclub.

We are humanitarian and financial mutual aid community that operates strictly; a person to person donation approach. We provide technical platform and support which helps millions of people participants globally with the sole purpose of attaining financial stability.

How many times is a member allowed to join and get donations?

The number is unlimited. You can get assistance as many times as you like. Each time you get complete assistance. You donate again and wait to get 100% return on donation again.

What is the difference between the packages?

The different packages are designed to accommodate the specified donation amount per individual. The higher your plan, the more money you can earn!

How long do I have to make donation after I have signed up and activated a package?

You have until 16 hours to make donation, after which you get activated and eligible to receive donation from 2 members.

How Do I Receive My Payment?

Once you have donated and have been fully activated by your sponsor, you become eligible to receive your payment from 2 members either through bank payment or transfer.